Category Management

The ‘4 Phase Model’ approach, consisting of six key activity steps to procure significant categories of spend…

Category Management from Industry Supplies using the ‘4 Phase Model’, provides the four phase process approach consisting of six key activity steps and can be applied to successfully procure significant categories of spend. Elements of the model may also be applied where it is not appropriate to adopt the full Category Management process.

Category Management should not be confused with expenditure segmentation, it is a structured framework of activities that is designed to deliver superior procurement outcomes. The model brings together CIPS guidance materials mapped against one or more of the activity steps (as shown below).

(Category Management model –

Step 1 – Kick off: initiate/prepare key questions, checklist – to do list.

Step 2 – Prepare strategy:

a) Identify opportunities, key questions – research and analysis.

b) Prioritise opportunities , key questions – checklist – to do list.

Step 3 – Prepare/present category strategy.

Step 4 – Implement category strategy / change recommendations

Step 5 – Maintain strategy delivery.

Step 6 – Improve and enhance.

If you’re interested in hearing more or would like Industry Supplies to undertake a Category Management strategy for your organisation on a full-time or interim contract basis please Contact Us for more information.