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With many organisations now operating under a strict ‘approved supplier’ system for all procurement procedures, many small, infrequent, or individual purchases can become an impossible task for procurement departments due to the inability to approve the supplier in the required time-frame. Our Vendor Management system allows procurement departments to register Industry Supplies Ltd as an approved supplier within their system, allowing for items to be procured via us from a range of other suppliers.


Why use Industry Supplies as your approved supplier?

In many cases, approving a new supplier can take a great deal of time and paperwork, something most procurement departments are not willing to do due to time constraints and/or a limit on the number of suppliers that the department is allowed to approve. This can hinder an organisation’s ability to source the most appropriate supplier in any given instance, and therefore achieve a less than optimal supply chain performance. By using us as an approved supplier, you will be able to source products from any supplier in the world and then complete the transaction by paying us to procure the item(s) for you.

This will result in no supplier constraints, no difficulties, no time wasted on awaiting approval, and therefore: The right product and the right price, ALWAYS.


How else can we help within your supply chain?

We are also able to offer our expertise in:

  • Category Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Support
  • Quality and Non-conformance Management



Industry Supplies Ltd is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for up to £1 million.

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